marți, 8 februarie 2011

This May Be the Last Straw

So I bought this awesome laser pointer/pen/stylus 3-in-1 thingy for $20 from the bookstore, and the douchebag REU student who's too shy to ask to borrow it has both stolen and lost it. That I can deal with; after all, it's just a pen and my mom (via my student ID account) paid for it. But today...I walked into my office to find all my books pushed aside and the REU student's computer (courtesy of UK, the rotten bastards) on my desk.

So essentially, I have no desk. We can't isolate the PCN radical, all the parts for the matrix isolation system are in the machine shop, and now I have no desk.

And I was beginning to think not doing an REU was a good thing. Thanks for proving me wrong UK!