marți, 8 februarie 2011

Bromosilane go BOOM!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I've reached a milestone...I caused my first explosion in lab yesterday. I was cleaning out a flask after a cold-trap separation of the reaction products of the bromosilane synthesis reaction:

PhSiH3 + HBr --> SiH3Br + C6H6

I believed that no bromosilane (or perhaps a negligibly small amount) remained in said flask. I was wrong. Set the flask inside the hood, put a little heat on it to vaporize things, took a step back to walk away, and BAM! A huge, quick flame burst out of the flask's mouth, accompanied by a horrible noise like a gunshot. Incredibly, the flask was just fine, save for a few brown spots that 48% HF took care of right away. Nothing got burned in the hood either. It was just a really loud, scary noise and a few flames. Doesn't mean it didn't scare the pants off me, of course.

The picture, for your viewing pleasure, is the LUMO of bromosilane.